RunVar: Evolving Distributed Software Systems at Runtime by Scalable Hybrid Variability

  • Ateneo/CSP Project
  • Start date: 2015/07/01
  • End date: 2017/12/31
  • For more information on RunVar, please contact: Ferruccio Damiani


ICT is becoming increasingly integrated into our everyday environment, distributed on cars, appliances, and any kind of devices, in several versions evolving continuously according to customer needs. This process poses challenges in the domain of the Future Internet, combining advanced software management models with evolving expectations and requirements of the end users. In order to meet these challenges, new approaches have to be developed for faster and customisable software design, for the management of highly distributed applications, for software updates exploiting device connectivity, and for maintaining and even improving the product quality in terms of reliability, resilience and customer perception.

The goal of RunVar is to investigate development frameworks for runtime evolution of distributed software applications. These frameworks consist of coherent and integrated methods and tools to support runtime updating of distributed applications in heterogeneous environments. In particular, RunVar builds on recent developments in:

  • Behavioural Types
  • Delta-oriented Programming of Software Product Lines
  • Field-based Programming of Collective Adaptive Systems
  • Runtime Verification


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